F.Sc Part 1 – Chemistry
F.SC Part 1, Higher Secondary School Courses

F.Sc Part 1 – Chemistry

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About the Course

VTAC teacher has prepared summarized revision session of Chemistry (Part 1)covering below mentioned topic based on experiece and past paper analysis. The topics covered also incldues complex areas which should be covered by student before appearing in exams. The sumarized cover course has been spread covering whole syllabous and notes have been prepared to ensure effective learning.

Lecture 1

1 Avagado’s
2 Energy level calculations on partition law vacuum distillation
3 Canal rays properties or group 8
4 VBT VSEPR ( shape of molecule OR vacuum distillation)
5 Ideal gas equation calculation electronics configuration
6 Pressure effect liquidation of gases
7 ICC expressions/ lattice energy factors

Lecture 2

1 ICSP expressions./ Heisburg uncertainty
2 Theory of buffer calculations n + 1 rule find smile
3 e equation band energy parametric calculation
4 omposition of solution first law of thermodynamics
5 lt’s Law lead accumulators
6 s’s law heat of formation
7 Redan eq (Fan/Electian)/ reversible reaction
8 Molecular orbital diagram

Lecture 3

1 Stoichiometry hybridization.
2 Ideal gass derivation kinetic gas both atomic model eq
3 Molarity calculation effects order of reaction
4 Stanugl hydroge electrovide. Constuetion
5 Standail enthalpy of atomization formation
6 Buffer

Lecture 4

1 Hess law
2 Roults
3 Hybridization
4 Le chatliers
5 Derivations
6 Stiochiometry

Lecture 5

1 Ideal gas equation
2 Roults law
3 Le chatlier’s principle
4 Solutions
5 Hess’s law
6 Buffer solution
7 Hybridization
8 Rate of reaction
9 Equilibrium constant Kp
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